I am an author of the book has not been written yet! But I’m persistent writing a book, which will never end! And I am living inside my brain. Some of my writings have been published different literary magazines-pamphlets and daily newspapers throughout Bangladesh. I involved as an editor of a Drishtantoist little magazine, as a publisher for my own publication, and a young entrepreneur in my own stuff.

I left my university because I didn’t felt that anymore! Besides my academic stuff, I have got another several stuff to do. My trustworthiness is about that, “we don’t need no education”, we just need free knowledge! So, I did like to exchange knowledge free and easily accessible to anyone. Thus, I contribute to Wikipedia — the largest encyclopedia ever in human history. I work on several Wikimedia projects — both as a contributor and somewheres as an administrator; alongside also active in doing Wikimedia offline-working actively for the Wikimedia Bangladesh, where I currently serve as a board member. I am an oinvolving to the Creative Commons community, OpenStreetMap community, Local Guides community and Translate Community at Google, and other few communities in Bangladesh who support the Open Source Initiative.

I hailed from Bangladesh and live in Chittagong, the second-largest city in the country, near the Karnaphuli.

Disclaimer: I am neither theist nor atheist, but religious.