Photo by Christel Steigenberger, 2017 / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Poet, author, editor, freelance photographer, and founding member of a Bengali literary movement.

Moheen Reeyad was born as Abdul Kader Al Mohiuddin, on March 26, 1990, in Chittagong (officially Chattogram), Bangladesh. He grew up near the Karnaphuli river, where he got twirled. Walking alongside this flowing river Moheen devoted his childhood in the late 90s until the age of sixteen largely to sketch himself in the thought of becoming an artist. After finishing school-days at the age of sixteen, he decided to write and to give up many other things for writing. In the early 2011, he planned to move into the film making.

Since 2009, through the editorship of little magazine Shankhabash, Moheen had been involved with the Bengali poet-philosopher Shabuj Taposh in his theoretical discussion about the literary movement claimed as Drishtantaism — an ultramodern Lokayata philosophy of the Indian subcontinent. This came to the notice of intellectuals at the end of the late 2010s. In 2014, Drishtantaism was included by T M Bhatt, conducted by M V Joshi, in his doctrine “Contemporary relevance of economic thought of Kautilya” in the Department of Economics of the Saurashtra University, Gujarat, India. Moheen was a pioneer analyst and elucidator of this. In 2010, his first publication was published, two years after his first text was printed. It was a collection of verses — referred to as “poetry”, which composites collaboratively with two other freshers from the country. The following year, Moheen has made his directing debut by the short Cycle, while he was twenty-one. Filming his first film was not a happy experience. In 2014, he founded a creative publication, named Bansain; and currently he is working as a digital marketing professional, and for an online newspaper in Bangladesh.

A few of his writings have uniquely identified by Researcher ID E-3219-2015, and ORCID reference number 0000-0001-9275-486X; and his authority could be identified by the Wikidata item Q28709819.Save