As a published author, currently working for an online newspaper. By editing two issues of a little magazine, I have been involved with a new philosophical movement begun as Drishtantaism. A few writings have uniquely identified by Researcher ID E-3219-2015 and ORCID reference number 0000-0001-9275-486X; and authority has been identified by the Wikidata item Q28709819.

Other interests are include- music (rock, especially Pink Floyd, jazz, classical, and more), space science, and photography (few clicks could be found on Wikimedia Commons, Flickr and YourShot at National Geographic Society; and few more published in different portals-newspapers outside the country).

And finally, I understand, ‘I never had the nerve to make the final cut’—
because of, ‘I was just a child then, now I’m only a man’;
probably when I high ..I’d rather die
into the violet haze to fly a butterfly!

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