Issue II (2010, August)

Issue I (2009, August)

Issue I (2009, August)

In 2009, I established and started editing a Bengali philosophy-based little magazine, Shankhabash. The first issue was published in Chittagong, Bangladesh on August 2009 from the publication Prottayalir.

The frame of work:
It is an unannounced Drishtantoist literary-magazine. This magazine represents the philosophical movement including with logical concept of the poetry and poetics with the viewpoint of the Bengali philosophy Drishtantoism; making more Bengali anti-traditionalist, anti-establishes poets and writers.

At the outset, the magazine is trying to bring about a revolution in the Bengali poetry, literacy and criticism. It will be important on the Bengali little magazine very soon since its inception. Yesterday, a long hibernation “Shankhabash” reinvents itself. But, again ran into rough weather. Still, it’s an independent little magazine.

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