Issue II (2010, August)

Issue I (2009, August)

Issue I (2009, August)

Shankhabash (শঙ্খবাস) is a Bengali language Drishtantaist little magazine representing innovative, alternative, non-mainstream, and experimental genres of Bengali literature devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, poetics, art, and criticism. On its appearance, as a successor of another little magazine Dheu (edited by Shobuj Taposh), Shankhabash started the literary movement claimed as Drishtantaism— an ultramodern Lokayata philosophy of Indian subcontinent. Sometimes it may called as the modern Spinozist version.

The first issue was published in Chittagong, Bangladesh on August 2009 from the publication Prottayalir.

The Team:

Moheen Reeyad has been chief editor of the magazine since its founding in 2009.

Foysoll Aurdree has been co-editor of the magazine since its founding in 2009.

Board of Advisors:

Shobuj Taposh, is a poet, former journalist, philosopher, and founder of Drishtantaism, most widely known for his philosophical writings.

Hafiz Rashid Khan is a postcolonialist poet, author, editor and journalist. He is known for his postcolonialism, anti-military voice and, was reputed for working in the tribal area at the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.

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